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Sport and action is the order of the day at these industrial heritage sites! Whether taking on classic activities such as hiking and cycling hiking and cycling or more extreme ones like parkour or diving, the sporting experience against the industrial heritage backdrop is quite something! Lots of good ideas have been implemented on former industrial heritage sites with fantastic sporting opportunities having been developed for them and their green spaces. Whether climbing gardens or diving gasometers, parkour circuits or outdoor football, mountain biking on the spoil tips or hiking - for big and small, serious athletes and recreational dabblers, there is something for everyone!

Our recommendation: The Industrial Heritage Trail by bike

What’s special about these sporting experiences is the industrial heritage setting. In between old walls or blast furnaces, in gasometers or parks, with a view of former industrial monuments or with the view from your perspective - it is the atmosphere that will enthral you. To get to know the full range of industrial culture in the Ruhr Valley , we recommend cycling along the Industrial Heritage Trail with 700 kilometres of cycling to enjoy. You go past former industrial plants and thus cycle through the history of the Ruhr Valley.

More sporting activities

Das Bild zeigt das Logo des TopRunRuhr vor dem Hintergrund der Halde Hoheward.

TopRunRuhr - Company run on the Hoheward spoil tip in Herten

With a spectacular panoramic view, the TopRunRuhr VIACTIF company run begins on the 24 September 2018 - namely on the Hoheward spoil tip in Herten. From there, in the heart of the Ruhr Valley, a 6.7 kilometre long run takes you around and partially up the spoil tip to the Ewald Colliery. As well as the prize-giving ceremony for the fastest among you, the post-run party also takes place there against the industrial heritage backdrop.

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Das Bild zeigt einen Taucher vor einem Flugzeugwrack im TauchRevierGasometer in Duisburg

TauchRevierGasometer in Duisburg

A former gas tank from the blast furnace plant in the Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord (Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord) houses the largest artificial body of water for diving in Europe. Up to 13 metres deep, it takes you to a shipwreck and an artificial reef. Beginners can gain their first experience with practice test dives. You will receive a safety briefing, all the necessary equipment and an experienced instructor will dive with you for about 20 minutes to a depth of 4 meters. You can also take longer courses and pass diving exams.

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Das Bild zeigt einen Parceur auf der Parkour-Anlage auf der Kokerei Zollverein

Parkour at the Zollverein in Essen

You can let off steam to your heart’s content on the site of the Zollverein coking plant on the 600 square metre parkour circuit. The aim of this sport is to get from A to B via various obstacles. It often takes place in urban spaces. Obstacles, bars, cubes and ledges also await you at the Zollverein. The circuit is even illuminated in the evenings and can be used up until 10pm. Training sessions are regularly available for beginners or more experienced athletes of any age.

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Das Bild zeigt einen Kletterer im Hochseilgarten im Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord

High wire course and climbing garden in Duisburg

High above, with a really good view across the Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord, you have to navigate your way across the high wire course over steel ropes, tyres and swaying bridges. Flickering light, sometimes inside, sometimes outside, close to the russet chimneys and iron struts - a cool challenge awaits you here! In the outdoor climbing garden, in the former “Möllerbunker” (“stock bunker”), things are a little more tranquil, even if the climbing facilities challenge you physically in your own way (registration required).

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Das Bild zeigt das Werksschwimmbad auf der Kokerei Zollverein

Werksschwimmbad Zollverein

This is the coolest open air swimming pool in the Ruhr Valley - the Werksschwimmbad directly in front of what used to be coke oven battery 9 at the Zollverein coking plant. The sparkling blue pool, open during the NRW summer holidays, which creates a lively colour contrast to the russet industrial architecture of the coking plant, is the work of two artists from Frankfurt. The swimming pool consists of two overseas shipping containers, anchored in a wooden frame, welded together, which offers both space for circulation and for sunbathing.

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Segway tour over the spoil tips

Explore the Hoheward Landscape Park (Landschaftspark Hoheward), our largest spoil tip landscape, effortlessly on a Segway. On a guided tour, you will first of all be made familiar with the equipment and its functions, then it’s time to head for the spoil tip summit, towards the Skyline Observatory. You are accompanied by a professional tour guide. The tour lasts for two hours and provides stunning views of the surrounding Ruhr Valley. There are also two alternative Segway tour options available.

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Mountain biking the spoil tip

The Hoheward and Hoppenbruch spoil tips offer pure cycling enjoyment - on two cool mountain bike trails. The trail on the Hoheward spoil tip is a 6.5 kilometre cross country track with climbs of over 140 metres. The trails here are narrow, but are not particularly difficult technically. The 4.4 kilometre long circular trail bike course climbs 104 metres in total and has three downhill tracks with varying degrees of difficulty. Mountain biking is also permitted on the Haniel spoil tip.

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