Jahrhunderthalle Bochum

Days in an atmosphere of industrial culture

The Ruhr Valley is characterised by its industrial monuments. Former mines, steelworks, coking plants, water towers and gas power stations are emblematic of the industrial era. New life has grown in amongst rusty pipes, defunct blast furnaces and chimneys. Parks and green spaces, cycle routes and restaurants, places for festivals and celebrations, recreational and sport grounds, museums and exhibitions can all be found at industrial heritage monuments. Many buildings have been preserved, restored and modernised and boast a unique atmosphere. The striking setting in each location leaves visitors feeling exhilarated time and time again, making all kinds of events a memorable experience.

Modern events inside historical walls

Whether for conferences or concerts, presentations or gala dinners, conventions or trade fairs, workshops or parties, theatre or meetings - there is the right space, the right hall or the right building for every type of event at the industrial heritage monuments. Meetings here are quite something thanks to the industrial heritage surroundings. Modern technology, professional assistance, catering support, ticketing and other issues are services that are naturally all available to you. Several locations also have one or more restaurants, a café or a bistro and can thus cover all your specific culinary needs on site.

Industrial culture meets MICE

Das Bild zeigt eine Außenansicht der Jahrhunderthalle in Bochum in der Dämmerung

Jahrhunderthalle Bochum

As a former gas power station, there is a long history behind the Jahrhunderthalle. Today, it is an impressive location for concerts, trade fairs, conventions, banquets, presentations, conferences and numerous other events. The hall, which can be set up in many different ways, and the other rooms offer customised solutions for events of varying sizes. The Jahrhunderthalle can even provide support with regards to state-of-the-art technology, catering and ticketing.

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Das Bild zeigt die Rolltreppe zum Ruhrmuseum auf dem UNESCO-Welterbe Zollverein

UNESCO Welterbe Zollverein in Essen

Hardly any other industrial heritage site is home to a greater number of different venues. Whether the museum or restaurant, historic hall or modern location, there are over 50 options at the UNESCO Welterbe Zollverein. There are still lots of buildings that have been preserved on the former mining site, which have been elaborately renovated and modernised. You will discover a charming atmosphere for any number of people and any type of event, whether inside or in the open air with a view over the dramatic industrial facilities.

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Das Bild zeigt eine Veranstaltung in der Kraftzentrale im Landschaftspark Duisburg-Norf

Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord

Between 25 and 4,200 people can be accommodated at the various venues in the Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord The former iron and steel works is home to impressive rooms with a historical atmosphere. The backdrop to the former power station is just as impressive as the blast house complex with five halls or the cast house. There are also open spaces outdoors between the old blast furnaces, in amongst the green ruins of the sinter gardens or in front of the historical brick buildings. This means there are up to several thousand square metres available. Even multi-day events or sports meetings can take place.

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Das Bild zeigt den Malakoff-Turm der Zeche Prosper II in Bottrop

Malakoff tower at the Zeche Prosper II (Prosper II Colliery) in Bottrop

Malakoff towers are colossal emblems of early industrialisation. They were the successors to wooden and cast iron towers and the strong predecessors to steel winding towers that were first built in the 20th century. The Malakoff tower was operational for more than a hundred years at the Prosper II Colliery. It has since been renovated. It is home to an event room and a viewing platform.

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CreativQuartier (creative district) Fürst Leopold in Dorsten

Four different and extraordinary locations can be used for all kinds of events at the CreativQuartier Fürst Leopold. The Galerie der Traumfänger (Dreamcatcher Gallery) there is quite something. On the ground floor, it is used as a gallery and artist’s studio and thus mixes art with an industrial heritage atmosphere. The first floor of the gallery can also be used in lots of ways as an event room. The former pithead bath captivates with its large quantity of original metal coop baskets. The former Lohnhalle (remuneration hall) is an exciting location due to its height and structure. The outside area of the former mine can also be used.

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Das Bild zeigt eine beleuchtet Innenansicht mit Tischen des Lokschuppens in Bottrop

Lokschuppen (engine shed) in Bottrop

The engine shed in Bottrop is another industrial heritage venue that has a historical atmosphere. It was built in 1911 along with all the other Zeche Arenberg (Arenberg Colliery) buildings. Locomotives were only repaired for 17 years; events have taken place here since 2003. The layout of the engine shed can be adapted and is therefore suitable for a wide variety of events such as seminars, training events, parties or product demonstrations. The engine shed team offer all-round support in relation to advice and concept, room layout and technology, as well as catering and decorating.

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Das Bild zeigt eine Fotoausstellung in der Haupthalle des Depots in Dortmund

Cultural centre Depot in Dortmund

At the beginning of the 20th century, the depot was established as the main tram workshop for municipal public transport companies. Today the depot stands for culture and creativity in an extraordinary industrial atmosphere. Artists, creative minds and architects have their offices and studios in the depot, and there is also a diverse cultural programme. As far as events, workshops, exhibitions and trade fairs are concerned, there is space for up to 750 people in the rooms that can be set up in lots of different ways. You can hire the large hall, theatre rooms, foyer and cinema, dance and movement room and the “plot” event room.

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Das Bild zeigt tanzende Paare vor einer Zuschauermenge in Kompressorenhalle der Kokerei Hansa in Dortmund

Kokerei Hansa (Hansa Coking Plant) in Dortmund

The large coking plant in Hansa once delivered coke and coke oven gas produced from hard coal to the Dortmund iron and steel works. The compressor hall and pithead bath are available today for events. Up to 199 people can visit the compressor hall, which still houses amazing, historical machinery. These can even be set in motion on request. The interesting thing about the pithead bath is not just its large windows, but also the metal coop basket hanging from the ceiling, the partially tiled walls and the original shower benches. Events with up to 199 people can also take place here.

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Das Bild zeigt einen Teil der Maschinenhalle Zweckel in Gladbeck mit historischen Maschinen

Maschinenhalle (Machine hall) Zweckel in Gladbeck

The Machinenhalle captivates with its arched windows, which ensure the hall is flooded with light. The dark ceiling struts, the art nouveau gallery, the historical machinery and the remaining walls also bestow a certain charm on the hall. Another highlight is the Machinenhalle in the evenings when spotlights illuminate the walls and immerse the atmosphere of industrial culture in light. Previously a part of the Zeche Zweckel (Zweckel Colliery), today up to 900 people attend events on the area of 2,100 square metres.

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Das Bild zeigt eine bunte, futuristisch anmutende Sitzgruppe im sogenannten Ufo, dem Colani-Ei in Lünen

Colani-Ei in Lünen

The “UFO”, also known as Colani-Ei, on the premises of LÜNTEC GmbH is a futuristic redesign of the winding tower at the former Minister Achenbach coal mine. Star designer Luigi Colani designed an elliptically-shaped building that was placed on top of the winding tower. 300 square metres of space at 35 metres high can now be used as an event venue. In addition to its round structure and view, the differently designed areas in particular, some of which have been furnished with designer furniture, make it something rather special. The “Schachthalle" ("mineshaft hall”), which can be used for larger events, has also been preserved and boasts a certain historical charm.

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Das Bild zeigt das Essener Hotel "Alte Lohnhalle" mit Fördergerüst

"Alte Lohnhalle" (Old Remuneration Hall) in Essen

The "Alte Lohnhalle" in Essen-Krey is a hotel, restaurant and event venue all in one. It is located on the site of the former Zeche Bonifacius (Bonifacius Colliery). A large, individual mining building was constructed for the mine’s administration department, remuneration hall and pithead baths; a winding tower has also been preserved. The “Alte Lohnhalle” is built in the neo-Gothic style and is therefore distinctive architecturally-speaking. There are two conference rooms available for events of up to 18 people, as well as the large remuneration hall with the restaurant for up to 200 people.

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Das Bild zeigt den fahrenden Museumszug des Eisenbahnmuseums Dortmund

Eisenbahnmuseum (Railway Museum) in Bochum

Even the way up to this extraordinary venue is something special. Passing by historical walls and old steam locomotives, it takes you to the festival hall at the Railway Museum in Bochum. The former depot not only has a large hall with trains to offer, events can also take place on the move. Some trains can still be driven and taken on journeys across the Ruhr Valley. The trains in the hall can also be used, including a freight train carriage that is available for use as a stage. Events of between 10 and 500 people can take place in the Railway Museum.

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Das Bild zeigt die Veranstaltungslocation der Zeche Ewald

Zeche Ewald (Ewald Colliery) in Herten

Exclusive Über Tage functions - MOTORWORLD at the Ewald Colliery| Ruhr represents a very particular type of venue on the site of the disused coal mine. In addition to the former miner’s changing rooms with space for up to 1,200 guests and the elegant southern machine hall, there are plans for more large exhibition spaces. A brilliant future location for events with industrial heritage and modern flair.

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Das Bild zeigt das Fördergerüst auf der Zeche Ewald.

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