Inspiration & creativity
Das Bild zeigt zwei Straßenkünstler während der ExtraSchicht 2018 im Kreativquartier Lohberg.

Inspiration & creativity

There is music playing, actors standing on the stage, art hanging on ancient walls, artists working in their studios, creative ideas being developed and plans being made, laughter and dancing, painting and crafting... Many of the former industrial factories have been developed into genuine hubs of creativity. Numerous initiatives and clubs arrange exhibitions, artistic projects and a colourful cultural programme with lots of enthusiasm. Elsewhere, entire creative districts have been formed with events, cuisine and exhibitions. This has brought new life and a breath of fresh air to the old walls, which are now “centres of production” in other ways. You can even get creative yourself in many locations. Here, artists offer activities you can join in with and you can allow yourself to be inspired by the unique buildings. Or you can inspect other people’s creations at one of the many design markets. There is almost certainly something that will take your fancy!

Culture on a big and small scale

Big events take place in many industrial heritage sites today. One example is the Ruhrtriennale, an annual international music and arts festival in the Ruhr Valley between mid-August and mid-October. During the several week-long season, you can enjoy contemporary productions in the atmosphere of the former production sites. Other highlights include the Ruhr Piano Festival or the EinsLiveKrone (a German music prize awarded by the radio broadcaster 1LIVE) in the Jahrhunderthalle in Bochum. This is just three examples of a plethora of theatre shows, performances and more. We want to give you an idea of some of the creative highlights - be inspired!

Even more creativity

Das Bild zeigt die Außenansicht des Zentrum für internationale Lichtkunst in Unna.

Centre for International Light Art

The Centre for International Light Art in Unna displays fascinating light installations in the fermentation cellars of the former Lindenbrauerei (Linden brewery). Illuminated pipes, shapes and letters - the permanent exhibition displays around 13 luminous works by great light artists. The unique ambience deep under Unna is given a certain glow and an unparalleled atmosphere. You can visit the Centre for International Light Art as part of guided tours or when it is open to the public.

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Das Bild zeigt ein Konzert in der Villa Hügel in Essen

Folkwang Kammerorchester Essen

The concept of this excellent orchestra, which has a successful history spanning more than 60 years, is to support students and graduates in their careers. The Folkwang Kammerorchester plays high-class concerts with lots of ensemble groups and individual artists. One particular venue is the Villa Hügel in Essen. Industrialist Alfried Krupp’s villa, located in a huge country park, is an architectural gem, as is the concert hall where the orchestra plays.

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Das Bild zeigt eine Lichtperformance im Depot in Dortmund

Depot Dortmund

Theatre and dance, markets and culture festivals, exhibitions and workshops - the depot in Dortmund has an abundance of explosive creativity in store for you. Previously the main tram workshop for municipal public transport companies, today it is a rich cultural site. Many artists have their studios in the depot and open them up once a month to the public. Do you want to get creative yourself? From painting to writing to glass art, the most varied of workshops will welcome you with open arms. Art can be admired and enjoyed at the creative markets, on the stage or in the programme cinema - there is a lot going on the whole year round!

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Das Bild zeigt Ausstellungsstücke im Red Dot Design Museum

Red Dot Design Museum Essen

5 stories, 4,000 square meters, over 2,000 design objects - the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen is highly recommended. The former Zollverein coal mine boiler house was redesigned for the museum by the famous Lord Norman Foster and now houses contemporary designs from all over the world. The design of everyday objects and their cultural features or current trends let you experience design facets and changes over time. In addition to the permanent exhibition, specially themed exhibitions expand the Red Dot Design Museum’s spectrum.

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Das Bild zeigt eine Künstlergruppe des Revierpalasts Ruhr

RevuePalast Ruhr in Herten

You can watch very special performances in the former Ewald Colliery heating plant - the colourful shows in the RevuePalast Ruhr. Coal used to be mined here, now there are only a few buildings and winding towers left from the past. New life with loud-voiced drag shows under sparkling lights now fills the space. Here you will experience glitzy and glamorous costumes, elaborately made-up artists, wonderful voices and great performances - all year round and in various shows. You will also find the largest spoil tip landscape in Europe right next to the Ewald Colliery and the RevuePalast Ruhr.

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Das Bild zeigt einen Basteltisch mit verschiedenen Farbpigmenten, Gemüse und Obst, Pinseln und Schälchen

Zollverein Dyer's Garden in Essen

Yellow from vibrant flowers, blue from ripe berries, green from fresh leaves - painting and dying with plant colours has been a tradition for thousands of years. You can rediscover this art form in the Dyer's Garden at the UNESCO Welterbe Zollverein. Various plants used for dying grow around the former signal box and their colourful splendour can be inspected as part of guided tours or workshops. The collaborative project was set up by the Stiftung Zollverein (Zollverein Foundation), the Ruhr Museum and the sevengardens network initiative to preserve and share this colourful tradition and knowledge for the public to enjoy.

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