Schwerin spoil tip
Schwerin spoil tip

Schwerin spoil tip in Castrop-Rauxel - summit with sundial

The thin steel columns glow in the sun and the shadow lies over the meadow on the crest of the Schwerin spoil tip in Castrop-Rauxel. It is almost as if time stands still at the highest point of the town: A large sundial adorns the peak of the spoil tip. At 147 metres tall, the hill, formed by coal extraction, is not one of the largest, nor best known spoil tips in the Ruhr Valley. But you can get a good first impression of the spoil tip culture in the region here for this very reason.

New concept for the spoil tip in Castrop-Rauxel

When the Zeche Graf Schwerin (Graf Schwerin Colliery) was closed in 1967, it left behind a spoil tip, like many mines in the Ruhr Valley. In 1993, an ideas workshop was founded with artists, planners and citizens, who drafted a concept for the redevelopment of the spoil tip together. The focus today is the large “geo-cross”, which runs exactly along the points of the compass and its centre is in the sundial, which can be walked on. Four corresponding paths lead to the 24 stainless steel columns of the dial.

Themed trails on the Schwerin spoil tip

The themed trails are either to do with industry or nature. Two of them are made from wood and two from bits of steel. This allows you to climb to the summit of the Schwerin spoil tip in very different ways. The view stretches from the Florian tower in Dortmund to the arches of the Hoheward spoil tip to the nearby Zeche Erin (Erin Colliery). Before ascending or after descending, it is worth stopping off at the site of the Erin Colliery or the Schwerin mining town for a visit to experience how and where the miners used to live. If you are a fan of art in public spaces, you can find the “Wassertempel” [water temple] by Peter Strege or the “Sinus Pergola” by Klaus Corzilius in the source area of the Deinighauser stream.

Important information at a glance

Schwerin spoil tip
Bodelschwingher Straße
44577 Castrop-Rauxel

More information on the Schwerin spoil tip can be found on the Industrial Heritage Trailwebsite.