Light signals in the night sky - Rungenberg spoil tip

The legacy of the Hugo and Ewald collieries in Gelsenkirchen has towered up at the Rungenberg spoil tip to create one hill with two peaks. The spoil tip thus stands outs artistically compared to all other spoil tips in the Ruhr Valley. Most of the spoil tip had greenery planted on it during the re-naturing process. The ascent is heavy-going as you arrive at the summit via a tree-lined staircase with over 300 long steps. At the end of the steps, a view opens up of the two pyramids, made of rubble, which are separated by a small vale.

High art

The "Nachtzeichen"(“Night signals”) spotlight installation by artists Klaus Noculak and Hermann EsRichter was erected at the summit of the spoil tip and evokes images of a pyramid at night. A few hundred metres away, there is another work of art by the same artists with the title “Schienenplateau” (“Track plateau”). Due to the relatively low number of plants, you get a good view over Gelsenkirchen, the Schüngelberg workers' town and the Veltins-Arena AufSchalke.

Important information at a glance

Rungenberg spoil tip
Holthauser Straße or Schaffrathstraße
45897 Gelsenkirchen

More information on the Rungenberg spoil tip can be found on the Industrial Heritage Trailwebsite.