Rheinelbe spoil tip
Rheinelbe spoil tip

Rheinelbe spoil tip - the tip with the stairway to heaven

Interweaving paths take you to the summit of the spoil tip in Gelsenkirchen, which is made up of two peaks. Originally created as a table hill, a conical peak made from rubble was placed atop the Rheinelbe spoil tip. As you climb the spoil tip, you get ever closer to the work of art on top of the peak. The high point of the spoil tip, in the very truest sense of the word, is the 10 m tall “stairway to heaven” built by Hermann Prigann out of stacked concrete blocks. There are also other works of art at the base of the spoil tip. Under the title “Skulpturenwald” (Sculpture wood), Prigann installed creations here that combine industrial materials that were no longer needed with natural ones.

Allow your gaze to wander

Unlike many of the other spoil tips, the Rheinelbe is not green, thus giving you an uninterrupted view of Gelsenkirchen and the nearby towns from any point on the spoil tip. You can also see the slab on the Schurenbach spoil tip and the Zollverein mine.

Important information at a glance

Rheinelbe spoil tip 
45886 Gelsenkirchen

More information on the Rheinelbe spoil tip can be found on the Industrial Heritage Trailwebsite.