Großes Holz mining tip

Großes Holz mining tip - Impulse and light art

It is the most elevated part of the town of Bergkamen and offers a fantastic view of the Unna district, the eastern Ruhr Valley and up to the Münsterland (the city of Münster and the surrounding area) and Sauerland (a rural, hilly area in the south-eastern part of North Rhine-Westphalia). The Großes Holz mining tip. You can go for long walks on the wonderfully green spoil tip; in the summer months, it’s like walking through a sea of blue flowers. You will find the colour blue over and over again. Blue “light towers” indicate the quickest path along the corridor park to the top. The rod-shaped work of light art, "Impulse", by Maik and Dirk Löbbert creates a special atmosphere at dusk and at night with its pulsating light.

How do I get up there?

Nowadays, the best way up to the Großes Holz mining tip is from the west, on the Waldstraße. At its highest point, the viewing platform on the Adener Höhe at 148 metres above sea level, you are rewarded with an outstanding view across the surrounding countryside. As well as going for a stroll, it is also perfect for hiking, walking, jogging and cycling. There is a mountain bike course for recreational athletes.

More information at a glance

Großes Holz mining tip
Erich-Ollenhauer-Straße or Waldstraße
59192 Bergkamen

More information on the Großes Holz mining tip can be found on the Industrial Heritage Trailwebsite.