Hoheward spoil tip
Hoheward spoil tip

Hoheward spoil tip in Herten - an impressive panoramic view across the Ruhr Valley.

The spoil tip landscapes of the northern Ruhr Valley make up a striking landmark of the region. At 152 metres high, the Hoheward spoil tip in Herten is one of the largest of its kind and as a part of the Industrial Heritage Trail, it is a significant emblem of the Ruhr area. Transformed into a recreational and cultural setting, today the mining tip is a popular tourist destination. You therefore don’t have far to travel if you find yourself craving mountains when in the flat region of the Ruhr Valley. Whether hikers, joggers or mountain bikers, you definitely get your money’s worth on the Hoheward spoil tip. Moreover, you also get a fantastic panoramic view of nearly the whole Ruhr Valley when atop the Hohenward spoil tip: You can see the Gasometer in Oberhausen, as well as the television tower in Dortmund. If visibility is good, you can even see the Rheinturm (Rhine Tower) in Düsseldorf 50 km away.

Sun, moon and stars - the Skyline Observatory in Herten

You will see the round steel arches of the Skyline Observatory, even from afar. Not only do they catch your attention impressively, they also form the local meridian on the spoil tip platform, allowing you to observe the course of the sun, the moon and the stars perfectly from there. Another highlight of the Herten spoil tip is the horizontal sundial with the large obelisks. At the bottom of the spoil tip, on the Zeche Ewald (Ewald Colliery), you will find the Hoheward visitor centre, where you can attend the "Neue Horizonte" (“New Horizons”) exhibition or book a walking or Segway tour over the spoil tip.

Facing the dragon - discover Herten

Do you want to explore the Herten area from the Hoheward spoil tip? Not a problem! Since 2008, the Drachenbrücke (dragon bridge) has connected the spoil tip with the Hochlarmark district park and the triangular workers' town located just behind it. The bridge represents a dragon skeleton, the head and neck of the dragon look down at you. Let your gaze wander across the Ruhr Valley - take in the fantastic view on the Hoheward spoil tip in Herten!

Important information at a glance

Hoheward spoil tip
RVR-Besucherzentrum Hoheward (RVR Hoheward visitor centre)
Zentraler Service (Central service)
Werner-Heisenberg-Straße 14
45699 Herten
Tel: +49 2366 181160
Email: hoheward(at)rvr.ruhr

More information on the spoil tip, offers, opening times for the Hoheward visitor centre and the “Neue Horizonte" ("New Horizons") exhibition can be found on the website for the Hoheward spoil tip.