Haniel spoil tip
Haniel spoil tip

Haniel spoil tip - a spectacular view over the Ruhr Valley

The Haniel spoil tip arose as a result of the excess mining materials from the Prosper-Haniel Colliery. It is located in Bottrop and offers you the chance to climb to a height of 185 metres. As the northern section of the Haniel spoil tip is still used for large-scale dumping, you cannot access this part. Nevertheless, the freely accessible area of the spoil tip amounts to more than 114 hectares – meaning the Haniel spoil tip offers more space for exploration than the majority of the rest of the spoil tips in the Ruhr Valley.

Reaching the summit

If you climb to the summit of the Haniel spoil tip, you will pass a representation of the Stations of the Cross: The Passion of Christ is depicted in 15 parts by the visual artist Tina von der Schulenburg. Following this path will also give you an insight into the history of the Haniel spoil tip: There are historical mining tools all along the way. At the top, you are greeted with an imposing cross by the Oberhausen artist Adolf Radecki, which constitutes the end of the Stations of the Cross. It dates back to the visit of Pope John Paul II, who visited the area in 1987.

High culture

The highlight of the spoil tip is the amphitheatre at the summit. Various cultural events take place here - almost like the Romans. Colourful railway sleepers (“totems”), an installation by the Basque artist Augustín Ibarrola, create chromatic highlights around the edge of the spoil tip. What’s more, there is a fantastic view of the surroundings from up here. You can recognise the Bottrop Tetraeder in the distance or the Hoheward spoil tip in Herten.

Important information at a glance

Haniel spoil tip
Kirchellener Straße / 46145 Oberhausen
Fernewaldstraße / 46242 Bottrop (Prosper-Haniel Colliery car park)

More information on the Haniel spoil tip can be found on the website for the city of Bottrop.