The Geleucht

“Das Geleucht" (The miner’s lamp) on the Rheinpreußen spoil tip in Moers

Like a glowing red buoy, “Das Geleucht” on the summit of the Rheinpreußen spoil tip in Moers stretches into the night sky. The colossal miner’s lamp is one of the most striking works of art among the landmarks in the Ruhr Valley. While the industrial culture sculpture, which can be walked on, is visible during the day, an impressive interplay of light and shadow unfolds, particularly in the darkness, that can be seen all the way down to the nearby Rhine.

A green spoil tip for walking in the Ruhr Valley

The foundation of the landmark is the former Rheinpreußen spoil tip, which belonged to the mine of the same name in Moers. The mine was used to extract coal from 1876 to 1990. The spoil tip was subsequently one of the first to be made green and also to be made accessible to walkers and hikers. Since 2007, “Das Geleucht" (the miner’s lamp) has been at the end of your spoil tip climb. Along with the miner’s lamp, the spoil tip is over 120 metres high and is thus the largest mining work of art in the world. You can also enjoy a stunning panoramic view across the Ruhr Valley from the viewing platform.

Miner’s lamp to the rescue on the Rheinpreußen Colliery

The work, created by Otto Piene, is reminiscent of a very important tool in mining: the miner's lamp that shines in the dark, without which a miner would have been lost. And not just any old miner’s lamp, but the safest one of all: The Davy lamp, created in the 19th century. Due to the lamellar structure of the “lamp”, the illumination appears to work partly directly and partly indirectly. The square in front of the “miner’s lamp” is also worth seeing. A deep red lies over the hills. The approximately 8,000 square metre “field of illumination” invites you to stay awhile and unwind after your climb. You can discover the spoil tip and the “das Geleucht" (miner’s lamp) on guided walking tours - during the day or at dusk.

Important information at a glance

“Das Geleucht" (The miner’s lamp) on the Rheinpreußen spoil tip in Moers
47443 Moers
Tel: +49 2841 55289
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More information on illumination times, opening times and tours can be found on the website for the "Geleucht" (miner’s lamp).