Teutoburgia Mining Town
Teutoburgia Mining Town

Teutoburgia mining town– Green Garden Suburbia in Herne

The Teutoburgia workers' town in Herne is one of the prettiest mining towns in the Ruhr Valley. It was designed in the style of the garden city, which explains the beautiful façades of the houses. Architect Otto Bernd went a step further still and designed many different façades and roof variations. He nevertheless managed to create a harmonious scene, in spite of the 21 different types of houses. Each house was built for the purposes at that time as a two- or four-family house with a vegetable garden.

Virtually every street view is unique

The Teutoburgia Garden City workers' town is part of the International Architecture Exhibition as a historical monument and has been shining in new splendour since its redevelopment in the late 80s. In the northern part of the town, the Teutoburgia I / II colliery’s winding tower was preserved and stands testament to the town’s building ground. It is surrounded by an art forest with various sculptures. Events occasionally take place in the tower. The former plant now houses the studio and concert hall of sound artist Christof Schläger.

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The Teutoburgia workers' town
44627 Herne-Börnig

More information on the KunstWald Teutoburgia (art forest) and its artworks can be found on the KunstWaldwebsite.