Margarethenhöhe Garden City

Margarethenhöhe Garden City - Model company town from the Krupp era

When it was created, the Margarethenhöhe Garden City in Essen was a model of urban architecture. The houses served as residential buildings for employees and officials of the Krupp plants. The town was created between 1909 and 1935 in several stages of construction. Social reformist ideas associated with the garden city movement were reflected in the architecture here. And so, Margarethenhöhe Garden City is not only a desirable neighbourhood today, but also a popular tourist destination that has retained its original charm like no other workers' town in the region.

From the Krupp cooperative to the forest parks in the surroundings

Hospitable, surrounded by countryside and equipped to be comfortable: Homes in Margarethenhöhe Garden City have been a gem in amongst the pulsating metropolis to this day. The narrow streets entice you to walk down them and the diverse architecture will amaze you. No one house is the same. Architect Georg von Metzendorf wanted to save costs with this concept, by using homogeneous elements and combining them in different ways - this preserved the stylistic unity of the town.
Highlights of the town include the marketplace with the former Krupp cooperative, in which there is still a supermarket today, as well as the numerous arcades and archways in the historic streets. It is well worth a visit! When are you coming to take a look?

Out and about in the prettiest district in town

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Important information at a glance

Margarethenhöhe Garden City
Steile Straße
45149 Essen-Margarethenhöhe
Email: info(at)

Information on visiting the model housing can be found on the Ruhr Museumwebsite.