Dahlhauser Heide
Dahlhauser Heide

Dahlhauser Heath - the "cabbage colony”

In the north of Bochum lies the Dahlhauser Heath workers' town which was established by Krupp AG in the early 1900s on the site of the Dahlhausen Manor House. This is also where it got its name. The two-family houses were reserved for workers of the Zeche Hannover (Hanover Colliery) and Zeche Hannibal (Hannibal Colliery). However, not all employees enjoyed this right, but rather certain privileged employees. Each house had its own garden, which led to the town’s nickname of "Kappeskolonie" (“cabbage colony”). Do you what “Kappes” actually means?*

Town with the atmosphere of a village

The houses were built in the so-called domestic revival style: Features of this look include deep eaves and elements of the timber-framed style so that the houses resemble Westphalian farmhouses. Green and winding streets, which started in the English city garden movement of the 18th century, were meant to emphasise the idyllic sensation. With two "consumer establishments", a beer hall, schools and nursery schools, the town was geared towards independence. Today, the town has a listed status.

Paradise with rules

On the one hand, the workers in the town had the privilege of being provided with a home through their work. On the other hand, they had to comply with rules set out by Krupp AG, such as house and rent rules. Did you know that there was even political supervision? If you read social democratic newspapers, you ran the risk of being dismissed. Unthinkable today...

Our recommendation for you

Just three kilometres away is the Jahrhunderthalle Bochum. Here you can amble through the Westpark, explore the catacombs on a headtorch tour, unwind in the café or attend one of the many events on offer.

*Incidentally, “Kappes” is classic Ruhr Valley slang and means cabbage.

Important information at a glance

Dahlhauser Heath
Hordeler Heide
44793 Bochum-Hordel

More information on the Dahlhauser heath can be found on the website for the district of Bochum-Hordel.