Anchor points
UNESCO-World Heritage Zollverein

Anchor points - the highlights of the Industrial Heritage Trail

The 25 anchor points form the core network of the Industrial Heritage Trail and stand testament to the diversity of industrial culture in the Ruhr Valley. In some cases, these are large sites that have significantly influenced their surroundings. Even today they represent centres of interest, and not only for people from the relevant town. They house studios, exhibitions or spaces for a variety of artistic movements. They give a stage to artists, singers and actors. They offer space for sporting highs and lows. They give knowledge and history a place for reciting and arousing interest. They bring explorers and sightseers, families and school classes, younger and older people together to experience great events. And if you want to, you can have a tasty meal or simply have a beer.

There is lots to experience: Information panels and other means of presenting information both indoors and outdoors provide important information about the location and explanations about the Industrial Heritage Trail and the themed trails.