Das Bild zeigt bunte Turbinenräder im Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord

The face of industrial culture in the Ruhr Valley

Coal and steel, coke and gas - the Ruhr Valley was shaped by its industry and still is to this day. Drinking hall rituals, love of football and beer culture have their roots in this period. You can still look out over the Ruhr Valley from headframes at many sites, marvel at old machinery and immerse yourself in life from that era at numerous exhibitions. Or strike up a conversation with former miners and their relatives - many of them will tell you great stories! At the German Mining Museum, "Bergbau-Museum", in Bochum, you can even go on a simulated journey through the tunnels or take a look behind the scenes on a backstage tour of the Duisburg North Country Park . Prepare to be surprised, there is lots to discover here!

The Industrial Heritage Trail takes you on a journey of around 400 kilometres to the highlights of industrial culture on the Emscher and Lippe. It includes former industrial sites, panoramic views, and company towns, and offers detailed themed trails about various aspects of industrial culture.

What is there to discover?

Das Bild zeigt die Skulpture Tiger & Turtle auf der Heinrich-Hildebrand-Höhe


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