Highlights & events
Highlights & events

Highlights & events

The “Pott” (Ruhr area) is coming to the boil in the coolest locations in the Ruhr Valley! In between glass, steel and bricks, in the pithead baths of former coal mines, between the rusty blast furnaces of former steelworks or in the halls of former gas power stations - the industrial heritage monuments are unique locations for events. And today, there is lots going on: Parties or festivals, celebrations for young people, those who are young at heart, or families, concerts or sporting events, lectures or comedy, cabaret or art, the list goes on... the former industrial sites have spruced themselves up and offer no end of fun and action.

Individual & special

The programme is not all about big celebrations and festivals, lots of smaller and individual events have their own charm and are well worth checking out. We have put together a few recommendations for you. Our recommendation: At an evening event, such as "ExtraSchicht - The Night of Industrial Culture", go for a walk across the site. The industrial monuments make a great impression when lit up and create a very special atmosphere.

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Das Bild zeigt das Stadtwerke Sommerkino im Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord

Public utilities outdoor cinema in the Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord

Our top tip for balmy summer nights: The open air cinema in the Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord. In the former cast house of the disused steelworks, you can laugh at comedies, enjoy the classics or even watch cult films. All that against a stunning backdrop that is just as striking at night when lit up as it is during the day. Food and drink stalls ensure you have everything your heart desires.

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Das Bild zeigt ein Kettenkarussel und ein Riesenrad sowie Jahrmarktbesucher in der Jahrhunderthalle in Bochum

Historical fair in the Jahrhunderthalle in Bochum

The historical fair takes place once a year in the main hall of the former gas power station in Bochum, the Jahrhunderthalle. The hall is transformed into a historical stroll with carousels, stalls and historical vehicles. It smells of candy floss and roasted almonds, stalls offer sweet snacks and general food and drink. A particular highlight is the Steampunk Festival that takes place over a weekend.

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Das Bild zeigt die Veranstaltung Traumzeitfestival im Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord

Traumzeit Festival in the Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord

In amongst the blast furnaces and towers, in the workshops and historical complexes of the former iron and steel works in the Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord, a very unique festival takes place - the Traumzeit Festival. Various artists and bands perform, it’s got everything you need, from vegan dishes to burgers, and you can even camp on site. The atmosphere at this festival is unique thanks to the stunning setting and concept.

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Ruhr in Love

On the site of the former Zeche Osterfeld (Osterfeld Colliery), in the OlgaPark in Oberhausen, it’s all about electronic music in the summer. Around 40 floors, DJs from all over Germany, summer, sun and no end of fun - fans of house, techno, trance and hardcore should not miss this festival under any circumstances. So... Put your hands in the air and celebrate the Ruhr Valley!

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Das Bild zeigt den Doppelbock auf dem UNESCO-Welterbe Zollverein mit Ständen des Zechenfestes

Zechenfest (coal mine fair) at the UNESCO Welterbe Zollverein

A weekend of dancing, celebrating, snacking and indulging at the UNESCO Welterbe Zollverein At the large Zechenfest fair, there is a diverse programme consisting of music and shows across several stages. The little ones get their own stage with a funny and entertaining children’s programme on offer for the whole weekend. If you want to take a break from dancing, then let yourself be taken in by the food and drink on offer at the many stalls while strolling around the grounds; snack on sweet treats or stop by one of the shopping stands. The highlight of the festival is the giant fireworks display.

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Das Bild zeigt den beleuchteten Glaselefanten im Maximilianpark Hamm

Herbstleuchten (Autumn Lights) in the Maximilianpark in Hamm

Magical light displays, pulsating colours and mysteriously illuminated ruins - be spellbound by the autumn lights in the Maximilianpark in Hamm in autumn. The park transforms into an illuminated landscape with a magical atmosphere full of colours and sounds. Projections and video installations add to the colourful experience. Another highlight of the park, which was established on the site of the Zeche Maximilian (Maximilian Colliery), is the large butterfly house that is open until the early evening even during the Autumn Lights.

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Das Bild zeigt die Jahrhunderthalle in Bochum während eines Klavierkonzerts

Ruhr Piano Festival

Outstanding excellence and an exciting range of concerts, the Ruhr Piano Festival has a lot to offer. During the series of concerts in the Ruhr Valley, it is not only world-famous artists who perform, but also young talents who are invited to exhibit their skills. It’s not just classical and orchestra concerts that await you, there are song recitals, jazz concerts and chamber music too. The festival takes place in different venues, including in the special atmosphere of industrial monuments such as the Jahrhunderthalle, the LWL-Industriemuseum (LWL Industrial Museum) Zollern coal mine or the Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord.

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Das Bild zeigt einen Stand auf dem Street Food Festival im Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord

Street food festivals in the Ruhr Valley

Tasty, sophisticated and creative street food meets cool industrial setting: There is lots of talk about the street food festivals in the Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord and at the Zeche Lohberg (Lohberg Colliery) in Dinslaken. Indulge in great food and meander past former mine buildings or the steelworks blast furnaces. The Street Food Festival in the Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord takes place at the same time as ExtraSchicht, the Night of Industrial Culture.

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