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There are lots of great offers for the whole family at industrial monuments in the Ruhr Valley! For one thing, you can obviously discover the sites yourselves, learn more about the lives and work of miners and their families at exhibitions and surviving buildings, be amazed by the machinery or enjoy the view of the Ruhr Valley from the winding tower. However, these sites have also created fantastic experiences for kids or the whole family.

For those who are curious and like to explore

Have you ever explored the catacombs wearing a headtorch? You can do so in the Jahrhunderthalle in Bochum. Or have you ever tried to be an airline pilot? At the DASA in Dortmund , you can fly in a simulator. Do you know how a ship works? The Museum der Deutschen Binnenschifffahrt (German Inland Waterways Museum) in Duisburg shows you how. And that’s just for starters! Fantastic activities you can join in with await, as well as children’s tours, hand-on and testing stations, experiments, play areas, children’s events and much, much more! The little ones will not only have the time of their lives but will learn a huge amount too. We have put together a few highlights of industrial culture for the whole family - come and discover them with us!

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Das Bild zeigt ein Kleinkind, das ein Experiment im Umspannwerk - Museum Strom und Leben in Recklinghausen ausprobiert

Umspannwerk - Museum Strom und Leben (Transformer Plant - Museum of Electricity and Life) in Recklinghausen

This museum for the whole family, which incidentally is located near an active plant, takes you on an electrifying journey around the topic of electricity. Playful experiments and interactive stations convey the topic in an understandable and child-friendly way. Children can therefore pretend to be conductors of a historical tram system or try out an electric piano.

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Das Bild zeigt ein Schiff im Museum der Deutschen Binnenschifffahrt

Museum der Deutschen Binnenschifffahrt (German Inland Waterways Museum) in Duisburg

Did you know that the Duisburg inland harbour is the biggest of its kind in the world? Many ships travel all over the world from here. You can learn everything about shipping past and present, explore a ship first hand and take the helm at the Museum der Deutschen Binnenschifffahrt. There are also three museum ships at anchor at the museum. You can visit the engine room and living quarters and imagine what it was like to live on board.

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Das Bild zeigt einen Jungen mit Bohrer im Deutschen Bergbau-Museum in Bochum

German Mining Museum Bochum

The display mine at the German Mining Museum looks almost as if you were in a real mine. For 2.5 kilometres at a depth of 20 metres, you can feel almost like a miner and get to know the typical machinery and equipment. The abseiling simulator gives you an idea of what it is like to go down into the deep. You can then marvel at a real winding tower outside. The museum regularly puts on activities you can join in with across a variety of topics as well as tours for children.

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Das Bild zeigt eine Familie vor einer historischen Straßenbahn in der DASA Arbeitswelt-Ausstellung in Dortmund

DASA - Working World Exhibition in Dortmund

The DASA takes you on an adventure trip to do with People // Work // Technology. What’s great about the museum: You can try out loads of stuff! Numerous workspaces have been recreated for you and interactive stations invite you to try out and discover. There are regular demonstrations of the individual exhibition sections during which you will learn about exciting background information and how some of the equipment works. In addition to the permanent exhibition, there are sometimes also special exhibitions showcasing different key themes. So there is always something new to experience!

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Das Bild zeigt eine Kinderführung vor einem historischen Zug im Eisenbahnmuseum Bochum

Eisenbahnmuseum (Railway Museum) in Bochum

There is a great deal of steam here! You will see and experience what this actually means at the Railway Museum in Bochum. More than 150 locomotives await at the last fully maintained steam locomotive depot. Museum days take place several times a year where you can experience one or some of the locomotives in action. Various offers for kids, tours and other events complete the programme.

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Das Bild zeigt spielende Kinder vor Industriekulisse im Phänomania Erfahrungsfeld

Phänomania Erfahrungsfeld in Essen

Here you can participate, touch and test on a journey through the world of human senses and physical phenomena. You can carry out scientific experiments and investigate various phenomena and test them out yourself in the 3,500 square metre outdoor area, over which the winding tower stands tall, and in the 1,200 square metre indoor area. You have to smell, hear, feel and see - all your senses are tested here! Or you can go on a family tour and have everything explained to you nice and clearly.

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