Going on a tour of discovery through the Ruhr region with RuhrTour

The RuhrTour provides exciting travels for everyone, no matter whether you’ve come to the Ruhr region on your own or in a group. The main mode of transport is the bus, but we also walk or use boats.

Our ExtraTours

The ExtraTour is aimed at those if you’d like to know the Ruhr region on your own or as a couple. We cover different issues: from steel works to distilleries, from the surface installations of Prosper Haniel in Bottrop, the last productive coal mine, to the Bochum Observatory to the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen. However, we also go through the heart of the region with a tour in the gasometer with the “Der Berg ruft” exhibition or to the Dortmunder Brauereimuseum. In total there are 19 tours with ten different destinations at specific times.

On a RuhrTour as a group

We have different options available if you arrive as a group. Bring your bus, and we’ll do the rest. Our expert tour guides will explain the region along with its special features. We’re delighted to help you if you’re looking for a restaurant for the lunch break or another aspect of the programme.


ExperienceTours are approximately seven hours in length, taking you through the Niederrhein and either into the eastern Ruhr region or straight through the middle, to industrial heritage sites or visionary projects such as Phoenix See in Dortmund.

RuhrTour ComfortTours

If you are in a bit of a rush, we also do shorter tours. Our ComfortTours last approximately four hours and there’s no need to alight so frequently, but it’s still possible to get a great impression of the Ruhr region. It follows the course of the Emscher, the Hellweg, or we cover “Kohle und Stahl” (Coal and Steel) and “Wohnen im Revier” (Living in the Ruhr area).


Our StudyTours for school pupils and students are a special kind of tour. Where can you better experience the transformation of an industrial area than with us in the Ruhr region? We provide one of our expert tour guides for the whole day for only €60 and turn the Ruhr region into an outdoor classroom.

RuhrTour on the road and a special boat trip

It is also great fun to slowly travel through the Ruhr region: On three Saturdays a year we offer a full day’s hike, namely the RuhrTour on the road. This is not about covering miles, and more about discovering what to see and know along a route of approximately 20 km. Food and refreshments are always provided!
This also applies to the special boat trip we organise. On the last Friday of the summer holidays we travel on the Rhine and the Ruhr, or the various canals in the region. Such a trip shows the Ruhr region from a completely different perspective, however there is plenty to see and explain in that case. These special tours can be booked from the end of March 2018 onwards.