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Ruhr Tourismus - brands and products

Ruhr Tourismus GmbH (RTG) works with several brands and products with regard to “tourism in the Ruhr metropolis”. In order to best exploit the great potential for tourism in the region, several working groups have come together and constantly develop new and creative ideas for marketing tourism in the region. These ideas have resulted in several exciting, successful brands and products.

Information regarding planned projects by Ruhr Tourismus GmbH that are promoted as part of the call for projects for "Erlebnis.NRW – Tourismuswirtschaft stärken" / ERDF-NRW can be found here.

ExtraSchicht - the Night of Industrial Culture

The Night of Industrial Culture - from 6pm to 2am the carousel of the evening keeps moving, taking all those involved in ExtraSchicht on a tour through the Ruhr region! From installations to improvised theatre to illuminations, an exciting programme is offered for everyone.

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First Tag der Trinkhallen (Food and Drink Festival)

The “little kiosk on the corner”, which represents Ruhr lifestyle like few other institutions in the region, steps out of the routine aspects of day-to-day living and is culturally honoured with exceptional events

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The RUHR.TOPCARD grants users free one-time entry to over 90 leisure attractions such as swimming baths, zoos, and industrial monuments over the whole year. In addition, more than 40 additional partners, including leisure parks, theatres, and vaudeville shows can be visited as often as you like at half price.

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!Sing- Day of Song

The !SING – DAY OF SONG, which was organised by Ruhr Tourismus GmbH (RTG) in 2012 and 2014 to sustain momentum from being RUHR.2010, the European Capital of Culture, was overhauled and will take place in 2018 on the same day as ExtraSchicht on 30/06/2018.

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The industrial heritage locations were the arteries of the Ruhr region and remain so to this day. Many of them have had new life breathed into them - different, but very much alive! Theatres and cabaret, comedy and variety shows, restaurants and street food festivals, exciting events and sporting challenges, summer cinema and markets, concerts and exhibitions are just a few things offered. Due to the importance of the industrial cultural landscape, the brokerage and marketing work was subsidised by the state of NRW and the EU to the tune of €2.7 million for the period between 2016 and 2019.


The picture shows a railway line in the Ruhr area

Cycling in the Ruhr Valley and cycling holidays in the Ruhr Metropolis: a dense network of cycling routes, covering more than 1,200 kilometres, stretches across the Ruhr region and serves as the basic structure of the cycling district. Well-developed former railways and attractive canal-side routes connect many industrial monuments and visitor highlights, ensuring safe and continuous fun away from traffic. This often opens up unexpected and exciting views of the back yards and gardens in the Ruhr Metropolis for cyclists that would never be expected when out on the street.

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The 240 kilometre Ruhr Valley cycle path traces the Ruhr river from its source in the Sauerland to where it meets the Rhine in Duisburg. The cycle path is a “4-star quality route” accredited by ADFC, combining nature and culture whilst being a suitable way of discovering the Ruhr region.

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The Römer-Lippe-Route opened in spring 2013 as a new cycling route in NRW. The main route extends for 295 kilometres from Detmold to Xanten, connecting experiences with water to the Roman history of the region. An extra 154 kilometres of themed loops provide interesting detours and also ensure exciting day tours.

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The Ruhr Metropolis is renowned far and wide for its exciting and wide-ranging theatres. 11 public theatres in 9 cities have combined to form a collective called RuhrBühnen to present and combine the artistic variety of the performing arts together. Theatre in the Ruhr region is closely linked to the area’s industrial past and has a tradition stretching back over 100 years. The theatres are deep-rooted within their local communities and nowadays - in dialogue with the public at large - they play a large part in enhancing awareness of the Ruhr Metropolis as a thriving cultural region.

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The network of RuhrKunstMuseen, consisting of twenty artistic museums from the Ruhr cultural area, was a result of RUHR.2010 being selected as the European Capital of Culture. The RuhrKunstMuseen represent a unique museum landscape with a national and international reputation and the greatest density of modern art worldwide. The primary focus is on 19th century and modern art right up to the present day. A linked network of quality collections can be found over fifteen towns and cities

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The Ruhr region has not been just an insider’s tip for some time. Come on the RuhrTour - via which visitors have been discovering the Ruhr Metropolis for 40 years.

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