Juli’s October: Sunset spots in the Ruhr region

Hello to the Ruhr region and the rest of the world, the days are getting shorter and daylight’s increasingly rare. You might find it stupid, but that doesn’t do anything, as it is what it is. As pretty as autumn can be with its colourful foliage, don’t expect to see all that much sun. As expected, this also means that the opportunities of attractive sunsets become increasingly scarce. The weather is changeable and you don’t know at noon whether the evening skies will be attractive or not. When leaving the office for the evening, you have to react promptly if in doubt. This is particularly true if you'[d spontaneously like to catch the sunset in an especially attractive location...along with the view and everything else around it. You unfortunately cannot instantly beam up to the highest mine dumps in the Ruhr area after all.

For this reason, here are 4 gorgeous sunset spots for “when you've got to act fast”. These places only apply if you work or live nearby, but this restriction is inevitable as it’s not possible to state recommendations that apply to ALL offices or ALL residential areas within the Ruhr region. That would certainly be an impressive service, but probably too much of a good thing.

So...here are 4 great spots for autumn sunsets that are guaranteed to impress - provided that the weather plays along.

1. Bottrop Skihallenhalde

The skiing hall sits atop this mine dump, and the regional Oktoberfest is currently going on in its restaurant area. The mine dump on its own is, if we’re being honest, nothing special. However, it has one decisive advantage: You can - in little time at all - simply drive to the top. From there you have a fantastic view over large parts of the Ruhr region as well - and this is the best bit - of the neighbouring Beckstrasse mine dump and therefore the Tetraeder. From there, I’ve caught so many attractive sunsets, more than just about any other vantage point in the region. It almost appears like in an American film in which people drive to the edge of a cliff somewhere and then consume the sunset over the town in the car just like they would at a drive-in. Personally, I prefer to get out of the car, however you often see people who enjoy the last rays of that day’s sun in their vehicles. Either way: This is good if you’re short of time or indeed enthusiasm to quickly head off up a mine dump in the evening.

2. Tippelsberg in Bochum

The Tippelsberg in Bochum is not officially a mine dump, however it does give the impression of being one when you are at the top and have views of up to 80km over the Ruhr region. And the best thing about the Tippelsberg? You’re quickly up there. The short distance is quickly covered even in “we’ve hardly any time” evening mode and the view at the top is no less spectacular compared to the “proper” Ruhr mine dumps. Often families are there flying kites, which provides a glorious spectacle up in the sky. Now spending an evening on this Bochum site, which was not formed from an accumulation of waste material, is no longer just a quiet insider tip. This means that sometimes it’s a matter of luck whether you can get a parking space if you want to park at the foot of the hill. However, I’ve always managed to get a parking space... even if it was the last one and a bit tight.

3. Nordsternpark in Gelsenkirchen

This is a smaller mine dump that only consists of residual waste material. Mini is a distinct advantage as you’re quickly at the top. The view is certainly impressive, but what makes this location special is the fact that the Nordstern colliery shaft tower and the Hercules of Gelsenkirchen are only a stone’s throw away, rounding off the scene ideally. To reach this small mine dump quickly it is recommended to park beneath the shaft tower, which means you don't have to plough through large swathes of the park. However, if there is enough time, this makes a very appealing walk as the double-arch bridge with its red steel framework over the Rhine-Herne canal also looks great in a sunset!

4. Dortmund-Derne park alongside Gneisenau colliery

If I lived in Dortmund then I would certainly be here much more frequently in the evenings, as there’s something here which I have not seen anywhere else in the Ruhr region yet: A swing with a view of two (!) shaft towers! And if that wasn’t fantastic enough, there’s also a great view of the Dortmund skyline including the Fernsehturm and Lanstroper Ei. The swing can be found on a small hill that you can practically spit on. No long trek required, but the views are still breathtaking. And you can then swing gently (or not) into the sunset. How great is that then? It's also a great location if you have kids as there’s no better way to “sell” an evening walk and a bit of regional culture with the words “there’s an awesome swing” there, right?” Exactly!

All that needs to be said is to wish you all a splendid autumn with loads of glorious sunsets.

Further information on Juli’s tips

Skihalle Bottrop
Prosperstrasse 299-301
46238 Bottrop

Tippelsberg Bochum
Tippelsberger Strasse / Hiltroper Strasse
44807 Bochum

Nordsternpark Gelsenkirchen
Am Bugapark 1
45899 Gelsenkirchen

Dortmund-Derne Park
44329 Dortmund