Juli’s October: Out for fun during autumn in the Ruhr region

For everyone from the Ruhr region and everywhere else, autumn really makes itself at home in the region during October at the very latest. As someone who undoubtedly loves autumn, this makes it a festival of sorts. For a few glorious autumn days I even look forward to the less appealing weather, as let’s be straight here: The whole affair with the weather is like currywurst (sausage in curry sauce) and chips. You only really look forward to it when it doesn’t crop up every single day, don’t you? In other words: The typical gloomy autumn weather provides just the right conditions to really look for fun on sunny days and thoroughly enjoy the colourful scenes that autumn has to offer.

I have covered the regional front with my heimatPOTTential many times to discover the most attractive locations, places to eat, and events. And in my view there’s no better time to traipse around the region than in autumn. Like a sweet old grandma I call every few metres: “Just look at that foliage! HOW GOLDEN!” or “The light! Isn’t the light wonderful?!” or “Chestnut trees! Ohhhh...!". And at which locations in the Ruhr region am I particularly enchanted? That’s what I’d like to explain today. May I introduce them? My top 5 recommendations in the Ruhr for autumn:

1. Hof Buchholz in Mülheim an der Ruhr

A visit to Hof-Buchholz every summer is a duty that feels much more like a blessing, as during autumn it houses the most attractive pumpkinparadise in the Ruhr region. So many different kinds of pumpkin are piled up in front of the farm shop, in which seasonal fruit and vegetables are sold, that you can't believe your eyes. Whether set up as pyramids, in lovely rows alongside each other, or in a type of rummage bin: You can find all the pumpkins your heart desires - whether for home-made pumpkin soup or carving for Halloween.

My tip: Amongst other things, you can buy delicious cakes or sausages at a counter in the farm shop so that you can eat them outside on rustic benches amongst the pumpkins. In other words, a rather different type of autumn coffee party.

2. Isenburg in Essen

The Isenburg in Essen has several appealing reasons for wandering around: To start with, when on the way to these historic ruins dating back to the 13th century you walk through a small wood which has great shadows and colours in the sunshine. On top, there’s always a great view of the Baldeneysee, so this appeals to anyone who likes great backdrops. The Isenburg itself offers a short adventure path with information boards explaining the history of the castle, however on a personal note the fabulous views from here are so good I couldn’t tear myself away from them too long to really take the history lesson on board.

My tip: When on the way back, go to “Hüttenzauber”. Regardless of whether you’re on the splendid terrace or at one of the interior tables next to the large panorama windows: As well as hearty dishes or a delicious slice of cake with coffee, you can enjoy a splendid view of the Baldeneysee.

3. Grosses Holz mine dump in Bergkamen

The Grosses Holz mine dump is on the edge of the Ruhr region and has several autumnal highlights. Even on the way up, you can enjoy the colourful avenues of trees. The splendid colours distract you from the fact that it's a steep climb. When at the top you can look forward to a splendid view, as well as autumn fields of flowers and fruit trees.

My tip: It’s easy to get children to come along on this trip by promising that an illuminated “light sabre” can be seen at the highest point of the mine dump. This is the “Impuls” landmark, a light-based work of art that flashes in blue when darkness falls...and looks like a light sabre.

4. Margarethenhöhe in Essen

The garden town of Margarethenhöhe is well worth a visit regardless of the time of year. The delightful houses feature pergolas, shutters, and small gables whilst emanating a brand of idyllic living that people from outside the Ruhr region would never have envisaged. In autumn the whole area appears in wonderful autumnal hues for a charming visual effect. Nearly all houses feature a colourful wall of foliage and many residents decorate the front of their houses and their gardens with pumpkins and other seasonal odds and ends.

My tip: Search amongst the street names and, for example, look for the small “Daheim” alley. Also attractive: "Im stillen Winkel", "Sonnenblick" or "Trautes Heim".

5. Botanical Garden in Bochum

The Botanical Garden in Bochum near the university promises a particularly atmospheric visit in autumn. How could it be any different? Where there are loads of trees, there is plenty of golden autumn foliage. This is particularly noticeable in the Chinese garden area: You wander through Asian architecture that is decorated with deep red (!) foliage. A great combination, and the relatively tame koi carp crown it all off. I won’t say that you should put a hand in the water but IF you do then the bigger fish come over in their droves immediately. (However, please don’t feed them, yes?)

My tip: If it should be a little cooler and you’re feeling the freeze a little, then visit the 17-metre high tropical greenhouse.

I hope you all have a lovely autumn with loads of great heimatPOTTential!

Further information on Juli’s tips

Am Buchholz 13
45470 Mülheim an der Ruhr

Isenburg ruins
in Essen-Bredeney

Grosses Holz mine dump
59192 Bergkamen

Margarethenhöhe Essen
Steile Strasse
45149 Essen-Margarethenhöhe

Botanical Garden in Bochum
Universitätsstrasse 150
44801 Bochum