Image database

Are you looking for individual Ruhr area photos? Then you've come to the right place. In our open data image database you will find countless motifs that show the Ruhr area in all its facets. 

To make your search easier, you can use keywords to search for your desired motif. So if you are looking for people in front of an industrial backdrop, try the keywords “industrial culture” and “people”. Don't forget to delete the keywords again (simply by clicking on the button) if you are looking for another motif. Because the more keywords are assigned, the more your result will be limited.

Extra tip: Since we mainly work with the “Expeditives” target group, the keywords in the image database are preset for the expedition images. You can remove this filter by simply deleting the keyword with a mouse click.

If you have several favorite pictures, you can collect them in a watch list using the star at the top right of the respective edge of the picture. At the top neben With the “more filters” button you can use the star button to call up your watch list and download your images in bulk. If you can't see the button, move the buttons a little to the left with the mouse and the star should be visible.