Ruhr Tourismus GmbH marketing strategy 2017-2022

The Ruhr region is becoming an increasingly popular travel destination. In order to maintain and build on this pleasing development in the future we are continuing the marketing strategy from 2012-2016. This should make clear what objectives we follow with support from local partners in private industry and those responsible for tourism in the eleven major towns and four administrative districts that make up the Ruhr region to further develop the Ruhr Metropolis as a tourist destination as well as the strategies and marketing instruments used to achieve this. 

With a strategic focus on issues, target groups, and source markets determined through empirical analyses, we aim to be a valuable source of assistance for potential marketing links between 2017-2022.

We hope that this marketing strategy can be used by yourself and your company as a basic principle and that by working together in a coordinated manner across all towns and cities we can bundle our offerings and harness synergies as a result. We look forward to working with you to strengthen tourism’s importance within the Ruhr Metropolis and to anchor it as a sustainable element within the region’s political agenda.