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Das Foto zeigt Mitarbeiter der Ruhr Tourismus GmbH auf der Halde Hoheward in Herten.

Ruhr Tourismus GmbH

Ruhrgebiet Tourismus GmbH (RTG) was founded on 29/04/1998 with the objective of bundling together activities in product development, marketing, and sales, along with development of an independent tourism-related regional profile for the Ruhr Metropolis. As of December 2002 Ruhrgebiet Tourismus GmbH & Co. KG took over operative activities of Ruhrgebiet Tourismus GmbH. Since April 2009 the company has traded under the name Ruhr Tourismus GmbH.

As well as its activities in tourism-related marketing, the company is also active as a tour operator. There are many opportunities to make connections, whether marketing or sales links in the online or print sectors, potential for collaboration in creating all-inclusive offers or developing completely new products.

In comparison, the task of RTG, to develop an independent tourism-related regional profile and to bundle together product development, marketing, and sales to develop the profile of the Ruhr Metropolis as a modern, new tourist attraction sounds more theoretical. As an information and coordination point for the Ruhr Metropolis, RTG acts as a central contact - even in terms of linking tourism-related partners in the region, which is certainly a challenge with 53 towns and cities.

Das Bild zeigt Mitarbeiter der RTG beim Wandern vor Industriekulisse