The picture shows the Glückauf-Kampfbahn in Gelsenkirchen Schalke

Authentic & real football experience

The Ruhr area has anywhere between XNUMX and over XNUMX football stadiums. These include the arenas and stadiums of the Bundesliga, the grounds of the XNUMXrd and XNUMXth-division clubs and the many stadiums in the amateur league – which can have a unique appeal as you are so close to the pitch. Experience an amazing atmosphere, the honest smell of barbecued meat and beer, and the ear-splitting noise. The Ruhr area is also home to “ghost stadiums” that have long stopped hosting matches but are open to the public and perfect for everything from picnics to kickabouts with friends – or a great photo stop as part of a day’s cycling, hiking or walking. So get out your mobiles and plan your visit to some of these great grounds. We will look after you and show you the highlights.

Click, click, goal!