Myth & modernity - football in the Ruhr area

One year before the European Football Championship in Germany 2024, anticipation is also growing in the Ruhr area, which will be the only metropolitan area in Germany with two venues. No other region is associated with football like the Revier. Football is a deeply rooted social and cultural phenomenon here, a way of life that is reminiscent of England, the motherland of football, in terms of tradition and expression. The Ruhr and Rhine form something like a core region – or, as Franz Beckenbauer put it: »The heart of football beats in the Ruhr area.«

The two epochs of myth and modernity are each presented and compared in eleven themes: attitude to life, on the pitch, district derbies, triumphs and tragedies, legends and idols, places of action, visit to the stadium, on ashes, on the sidelines, solidarity and commercialization.

Children on meadows with provisional gates in front of a derelict site, fans on their way to the stadium at the drinking hall - the interplay between people, landscape and regional landmarks creates an image in which nostalgia and current enthusiasm merge. Against this background, myth and modernity are not opposites, but create a lively kaleidoscope of football in the Ruhr area with the individual perspective of the viewer.

The Ruhr Museum is showing the exhibits together with the German Football Museum from May 8.5.2023th, 4.2.2024 to February XNUMXth, XNUMX. All details here