The picture shows a foosball table in the drinking hall in Gelsenkirchen Ückendorf

The cult - myths, legends & our daily life

In the Ruhr area, football legends and myths are not just about the big names of the old warriors like Helmut Rahn, Ernst Kuzorra or Hans Tilkowsky. Tradition and passion for football can be found in one place these days - in the Ruhr area, because nowhere else in Germany are there as many football clubs as here. The importance of football goes beyond the sport and also shapes the culture and identity of the region. Football is an important element of urban culture in the Ruhr area and has a major influence on the way of life and the self-image of the people in the region. Every other weekend – sometimes during the week too – numerous fans in the Ruhr area head to the Gang in Stadium at. Great triumphs have been celebrated there and tragic defeats mourned for decades. This is where hostilities are settled and lifelong friendships are made. The fan culture in the Ruhr area is unique. The football fans of the local clubs are characterized by a special passion and dedication to their club. They not only support their teams in the stadium, but also on the street and in public. The fan culture in the Ruhr area is characterized by songs, flags, scarves and choreographies, which are often designed and implemented by the fans themselves. But not only in, but also around the stadium, in the cities and Places, parks and gardens, the football cult is lived! On Tours you will learn something legendary and gain insights into the soul of the football culture in the Ruhr area. It goes to Schalke, to Borsigplatz, to the stadium of VfL Bochum or to MSV Duisburg - and of course to many other cities and numerous places. In addition to being a fan of a club, passion for football is based primarily on rituals surrounding the round ball. With passion, tears, but always full of passion, the people here believe in their club - so it's high time to experience the real, iconic feeling live! At one of the numerous encounters in the stadium, at the Pöhlen with locals on the soccer field, at a (Cycling tour along the numerous stages or one Soccer Cult Tour through the Ruhr area.

Experience the football cult in the Ruhr area

Explore the insider tips, sit at the counter with the fans, walk through the streets of the stadium & discover the iconic football spots in the Ruhr area. We have put together some inspiration for your own discoveries!