Through the west of Dortmund

Located in the eastern part of, this circular route with such visitor highlights as the Zoller Colliery, the Hansa Coking Plant and the Phoenixsee lake – as well as the former “Rheinischer Esel” (lit. “Rhine Donkey”) railway line – is one of the many great day tours which can be experienced by bike. The circular route is over 57 kilometres long and has an altitude of 330 metres. It is challenging but rewarding.The Phoenixsee lake is a great starting point. This new lake, which was created artificially just a few years ago on the site of the former Phoenix-Ost steelworks, has quickly become one of the most popular excursion destinations.

The Emscher-Weg Route

The Emscher-Weg Route starts by heading west, leading cyclists through the renatured Emscher Valley. The route then follows the cycling route network through a few districts of Dortmund, and heads south until it reaches the former “Rheinischer Esel” railway line. From here, it heads away from the traffic to Witten. Once there, the route heads northwards, and the new destination is Zollern Colliery in the west of Dortmund.After leaving the railway line, the route winds its way through forests and fields, as well as the Lütgendortmund district, until it reaches Zollern Colliery. One of the region’s most beautiful coal mines should definitely be visited, and is worth the de-tour.

From the Hansa Coking Plant to the skywalk

Then it’s briefly back to the same route, before following the Industrial Heritage route to the Hansa Coking Plant. Visitors should also make time to explore here. The return route leads cyclists along the Emscher-Weg Route, through the already familiar Emscher Valley. A detour to Phoenix West and a ride across the Skywalk round off the industrial heritage bike tour of western Dortmund.


You can download the GPX-Track für the Tour "Trough Western Dortmund" here:
GPX: Trough Western Dortmund