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Cycling in the Ruhr Valley and cycling holidays in the Ruhr Metropolis: a dense network of cycling routes covering more than 1,200 kilometres, stretches across the Ruhr Valley, and serves as the basic structure of the radrevier.ruhr cycling district. Well-developed former railways and attractive canal-side routes connect many industrial monuments and visitor highlights, ensuring safe and continuous fun away from traffic. This often opens up unexpected and exciting views of the back yards and gardens in the Ruhr Metropolis for cyclists that would never be expected when out on the street. 

In particular, the imposing reminders of the industrial heritage of the Ruhr Valley ensure unforgettable holiday moments. The converted former railway lines lead cyclists directly to these industrial monuments. Several bicycle-friendly establishments serve as ideal starting points for day tours in the radrevier.ruhr district. Visitors who have not brought their own bikes with them, or who spontaneously decide that they would like to go on a tour, can hire a bike from one of the many rental services. These can be found at main railway stations and major attractions.