The picture shows the ball poodle in the Kortländer Kiez in Bochum

Kortländer neighborhood in Bochum

Booths, bars, mining museum. This is how Bochum's Kortländer Kiez can be described in three short words. The north of the city, diagonally behind the mining museum, is increasingly turning into an urban hotspot. Drink coffee where heads were once coiffed? This is possible in the "Café KRTLND". One of the best coffees in town awaits you there in the former hairdressing salon "Lola's Papa" without any frills. The STÜH33 in the KoFabrik can also keep up when it comes to “coffee in special places”. There's coffee, cinnamon rolls and more surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, high ceilings and unplastered walls. What makes the Kortländer Kiez even more lovable? Beers from all over the world in the "Trinkhalle Ruhrgebeat", party, bar and art in "Café Eden" and much more!

Tips for the neighborhood