The photo shows the interior of the Pans Bebop restaurant in Essen Rüttenscheid

Essen Ruttenscheid

From A for "Ampütte" to Z for "Zweibar", Essen's trendy district of Rüttenscheid awaits your visit with its cute cafés, pretty boutiques, trendy bars, cult nightclubs and small galleries! The district around Rüttenscheider Straße, which is also affectionately known as "RÜ", is bursting with creativity. Are you looking for home accessories, decoration, plants, stationery and other treasures? Then drop by the “COB Concept Store” or “3-ZIMMERKÜCHEBAD”. Fancy a coffee? Then “Coffee Pirats”, “Miamia” and “Glanzstück” should sound like music to your ears. What else makes Essen Rüttenscheid special? Find out! And it's worth not only strolling along the RÜ, which is around two and a half kilometers long, but also exploring the side streets and backyards...

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