The photo shows Janna Klett and Dominik Förderer, operators of the beer stand in Duisburg

Janna & Dominik from the beer booth

You want to know what else beer has to offer - then read this article and drop by the Bierbude in Duisburg!

Janna & Dominik introduce themselves!

We are Janna and Dominik and we are here in the Bierbude in Duisburg that we opened in 2018. The Bierbude is a shop where you can buy beer to take home and take away, but where you can always taste something on the spot. We always have two draft beers or other chilled beers here. We also offer events, various tastings with different focuses, brewing courses and much more.

The photo shows Janna Klett and Dominik Förderer, operators of the beer stand in Duisburg

What is special about the Bierbude?

First of all, there is nothing else comparable in Duisburg. Also that we, as the owners, are simply in it ourselves and that we enjoy talking about beer again and again, discovering new beers ourselves, advising people and getting them enthusiastic about beer and showing what beer can do and what you might do didn't even know that.

The photo shows beers in the beer stall in Duisburg

What kind of tastings do you offer?

We offer normal beer tastings, i.e. beginner tastings. But we also do a lot in combination. So whiskey & beer, cheese & beer or sausage & beer. We work with local experts who support us with the tastings. We also offer brewing courses where you can learn how to make beer yourself at home.

The photo shows Janna Klett, the operator of the beer stand in Duisburg

How did it come about that you opened the Bierbude?

So first of all out of personal interest in the topic. We liked drinking beer. Everywhere we went, we liked to try things, preferably regional products. Then we started looking for specialist shops. Then we started brewing ourselves by doing a brewing course at Bieragentur Dortmund, who are now also working with us here to get a little more into the subject. After that we talked a bit about how it would be like to open our own shop and how we want to do it, what we want to do differently than others and then just did it.

Why exactly Duisburg and what is special about the city?

The main reason was that we live here ourselves. It's not far either, so you can walk home after a tasting. Besides, there was nothing like that in Duisburg. Since we like it here, we thought "why not", because Duisburg was also ready for it. With our location in the city center, we know it's not the prettiest, but here on the street there are still a few owner-managed shops that are made with love and we fit in quite well. In Duisburg we still like that one Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord and the film forum. It's always good to take a look in the side streets of the city, you always discover something there.

What would you recommend to people in relation to the entire Ruhr area?

There's a lot there. For example the Gasometer Oberhausen, various Halden with installations – Tiger & Turtle in Duisburg, for example. In addition, the Ruhr area has a very diverse and dense world of museums. So here you can experience a lot in a small space. Every interest can be lived out here. Also the football culture we think it's very cool, you should watch games from smaller clubs, you can learn a lot about the Ruhr area. And just as well go to one or the other booth.

How would friends and family describe you?

We are relaxed and curious!

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