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Creative from here

The Ruhr area pulsates with creative ideas. The former laboring region has become a doer region. Former collieries and smelting works are now true creative hubs. Here you can climb in the disused blast furnace, visit exhibitions in the former gas storage facility or spend the night in the former sewer pipe - with a view of the stars. You can also meet and find creative minds and concepts in the region's urban and creative districts. We'll tell you more about it!

Creative and local

Creative minds and cool concepts. The Ruhr area is a doer region. Find out more about special shops, cafés and ideas away from the mainstream.

trendy district

Small cafés, individual concept stores, stylish bars and creativity on every corner. Discover the trendy districts in the Ruhr area and find out what the Ehrenfeld, Rüttenscheid or the Kreuzviertel have in store for you!

Unusual overnight stay

Ever slept in a sewer pipe? Sounds strange, but it is possible - including a star view - in the Ruhr area. From pedal boats to construction trailers, many more unusual accommodations await you here!


The Ruhr area is a cultural area. Here you can expect a density and quality of museums and stages that is second to none. Learn more about it!