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Tag der Trinkhallen – plenty going on in the booths in the Ruhr region

Drinking halls have a long tradition in the Ruhr region. After his shift at the colliery grandpa would buy his beer from the kiosk whilst generations of youngsters would get excellent sweets from the infamous “mixed bag” in the small booths. Furthermore, the “booth” was always a site for exchanges. People from widely different backgrounds met up and talked about the latest gossip. The owners always listen to any problems that their customers have. In other words, it was high time that this popular aspect of Ruhr culture had a day dedicated to it.

Trinkhallen-Tour-Ruhr - a colourful line-up

The day arrived on 20 August 2016: Booths became the focal point on the first Tag der Trinkhallen. Fifty selected booths across the whole region presented a lively mix of readings, music, crafts, poetry slams, and hands-on activities. The event was a complete success! A repeat of such a tour of the booths was always just a matter of time. With the second edition of the Tag der Trinkhallen on 25 August, you’ve got the opportunity once more to celebrate this unique booth culture in the region. The best choice to see as many booths as possible is to use your bike. Cycle along the routes from kiosk to kiosk that are designed just for this day of celebration and discover the “booth around the corner” from a fully different angle.

Important information at a glance

Tag der Trinkhallen
at several drinking halls within the Ruhr region
Free entry

All information regarding the festival can be found on the Tag der Trinkhallen website.