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Sunset picnic on Hoheward mine dump

High above the roofs of the Ruhr Metropolis, the SunsetPicnic at Emscher Landscape Park on 16 July 2016 the sunset will be suitably celebrated between noon and 10pm on >> Hoheward mine dump!

A carefree day can be enjoyed at the top of Hoheward mine dump in Herten/Recklinghausen along with a picnic, relaxation, and dance. The plateau on the sundial is transformed into an open-air dance floor, whilst the striking arcs of the horizon observatory crown the neighbouring mine dump peak.

Phil Fuldner and other top DJs will be on the turntables all day providing the ideal sound. Picnics take place with excellent electronic music in the background, a splendid view, and a unique atmosphere until the sky slowly turns red and a sea of lights extends over the Ruhr Metropolis. An unforgettable moment in >> Emscher Landscape Park!

Entry is free! Glass, barbecues, and open flames are not permitted. Bringing alcohol is forbidden.