Recklinghausen leuchtet
Recklinghausen leuchtet

Recklinghausen in lights - a blaze of bright lights in Recklinghausen town centre

As soon as the sun sets, the lights are turned on in Recklinghausen . As October draws to a close, “Recklinghausen leuchtet” heralds a lighting extravaganza with a distinctive atmosphere. The town greets you when walking through its centre with historic illuminated buildings, artistically illuminated façades, and artistic light constructions.

An event with a traditional character

For more than ten years, the town of Recklinghausen has cast around 50 buildings under spotlights during this event. The buildings in the Altstadt become a screen for magical lighting every year. When walking through the old town you will discover around one hundred spotlights that emit colourful light onto the spectacle.

What does the lighting event have in store for you?

The elaborate show at the town hall is one of the highlights of this autumn event. With the aid of skilful light effects and music, the façade of the town hall is brought to life, taking you on a journey through space and time. In addition, “Recklinghausen leuchtet” also has a varied support programme. The free tours of the town explain the history as well as the background to the buildings. A spectacular fireworks display provides a suitable conclusion to the event.

Important information at a glance

Recklinghausen leuchtet
Altstadt and Rathausplatz
45657 Recklinghausen

All information regarding the festival can be found on the Recklinghausen leuchtet website.