Pfingst Open Air Werden
Pfingst Open Air Werden

Pfingst Open Air Werden - a traditional festival in Essen-Werden

It’s a tradition - the Pfingst Open-Air festival. As is the case every year, the festival advertises with the slogan: “Free & open-air”. At Pfingst Open Air Werden there is something to everyone’s musical taste.  

From rap and punk rock to electro music

Every year plenty of visitors are attracted to the beautiful location in Essen’s Löwental valley and the line-up, which features German rap, punk rock, and also electronic music is played on the “electronic meadow”. Celebrations can take place to any genre of music. After the spectacular shows, there are still the after show parties in the Weststadthalle and Hotel Shanghai in the evening.<br/> Pfingst Open Air Werden doesn’t just offer great music. A flea market encourages you to rummage around and spend a little time.

Important information at a glance

Pfingst Open Air Werden
Schleuse 7
45239 Essen
Free entry

All information regarding the festival can be found on the Pfingst Open Air Werden website.