Kemnade in Flames
Kemnade in Flames

Kemnade in Flames - a family festival around Kemnader See

It's that time once more: Kemnade in Flames - the site around Kemnader See in Bochum is transformed into a large fairground and festival location for big and small alike.

Highlights around Kemnader See

Different artists and bands can be seen on the live stage every day. A spectacular fireworks display awaits you on both Saturday and Sunday, starting at 10.30pm on both days. Whilst adults can enjoy a varied programme of music as well as cocktail stands or sausage booths, children can let off steam on the festival fairground. There’s also a hands-on building site for the kids, as well as a children's stage with dance animations and a changing programme with a large playground paradise.

Important information at a glance

Kemnade in Flames
Oveneystrasse 69
44797 Bochum
Free entry

All information regarding the festival can be found on the Kemnade in Flames website.