Geierabend - Carnival in the Ruhr

Carnival season is now open! And the latest edition of the Ruhr carnival “Geierabend” comes around. The biggest and most cutting comedy show in the region has the motto “Bye Bye Bottrop” this year.

The name says it all

The well-drilled ensemble of comedians, cabaret artists, and musicians catapults you on a rapid rollercoaster through the ups and downs of life in the region. During the evenings the anarchic carnival members demonstrate their crazy brand of biting satire, off-beat comedy, rousing music, and regional slapstick. A focal point of the programme is the Ruhr region’s progress towards becoming a fully “no coal area”, in other words no longer extracting coal.

Pannekopp and local heroes

As is typical for the carnival, an award is also presented. The 2018 “Pannekopp des Jahres” award also goes to a person or institution who has been “particularly” involved in all matters relating to the Ruhr region. And what will become of Bottrop when Prosper-Haniel closes? The Geierabend ensemble looks for new citizens in the town and promises lifelong free entry to the first Geierabend visitor who moves to Bottrop.

Important information at a glance


All information regarding the festival can be found on the Geierabend 2018 website.