Feuerabend Herne
Feuerabend Herne

Feuerabend Herne – Fireworks in front of a splendid backdrop in Herne

The phenomenon of fireworks, rockets rising skyward, and the shower of light spreading out like a symphony is something Herne dedicates itself to one glorious evening in autumn. With the impressive and historic town hall complex in Herne as a backdrop, you can watch fantastic firework displays synchronised to music. 3,000 ignition points, four tonnes of material, and around 15,000 effects lighten up the night sky during this evening.

Spectacular highlights in Herne  

Do you have a head for heights? Then the Feuerabend festival in Herne can offer an absolute highlight. You can be lifted up in one of our scissor lifts up to the same level as the fireworks every fifteen minutes. This means that you can enjoy the event from a height of 15 metres above the ground.

The evening is supported with a six-hour programme of live music on an open 360 degree stage. A food truck area will ensure that all culinary requirements are satisfied. The visit of the Feuerabend festival is free & open-air!

Important information at a glance

Feuerabend Herne
Friedrich-Ebert-Platz/Rathausplatz Herne
Free entry

All information regarding the festival can be found on the Feuerabend Herne website.