Cranger Kirmes
Cranger Kirmes

Cranger Kirmes - a traditional fairground in Herne

Those who live in and around the Ruhr region will certainly know the largest fairground around here: Cranger Kirmes. For ten days “Crange” attracts millions of visitors to the idyllically located fairground on the Rhine-Herne Canal. You get a view which is best seen with one of the many fairground rides. It impresses visitors every year with various roller-coasters and carousels, fairground rides, show booths, bumper cars, and ghost trains. The traditional opening and closing fireworks are particular highlights.

Tradition meets modern

Cranger Kirmes can look back on a very long tradition: From former beginnings as a horse market, it is now the largest festival in North-Rhine Westphalia. 500 showmen can fit on the 111,000 m² fairground area. Top names in the industry can all be found here. 4 million visitors come per year, attracted by the colourful hustle and bustle, the latest attractions, and exciting high-tech rides. Would you like to see everything the fair has to offer? You’ll have to be good on your feet - the front is 5 kilometres. A unique feature of Cranger Kirmes are the family-run bars in the back yards, ran by inhabitants.

Special offers at Cranger Kirmes

As well as the classic attractions, you can also find special offers such as a picnic or a coffee party on a Ferris wheel. During the one-hour trip you can be spoiled with drinks and snacks or with coffee and handmade petit fours. Fireworks fans amongst you have the option of watching the pyrotechnicians set up the firework display at the site, then taking a VIP seat during the display. Cranger Kirmes is not just an original in its own right - it also has its own currency! The ride and food passes contain Crangetaler (the name of the currency) each worth one Euro. These can be used like cash on the fairground. Save €5 on every ticket. Be quick, as only a limited number are available!

Tours around Cranger Kirmes

Are you interested in the background of Cranger Kirmes? You can then take part in various guided tours. The group tour explains everything you could wish to know about the fair: from its history to the preparations to the technical information for the rides. Backstage tours are available for those if you want a special look behind the scenes. Children also have plenty of fun here: A special fairground guided tour for children has offers to all questions and a drink in the “Max und Moritz” beer garden.

Important information at a glance

Cranger Kirmes
Festplatz Herne-Crange
Heerstrasse/ Dorstener Strasse
44653 Herne
Free entry

All information regarding the festival can be found on the Cranger Kirmes website.