Autumn lights in the Maxipark
Autumn lights in the Maxipark

Autumn lights in the Maxipark - magical and fabulous in Hamm

During early autumn nightfall the Maxipark in Hamm invites you to Herbstleuchten – the illuminations in the eastern Ruhr region. You can delve into a magical world during the “autumn lights” in the Maxipark.<br/> Various light projects on buildings and ruins await whilst the paths shimmer in warm hues, and the trees and bushes are set apart from the darkness in the Maxipark in Hamm. Mysterious areas that are rather hidden during the day can look splendid when the darkness falls.

Fascinating butterflies in the Maxipark

The butterfly house offers a special flight show as part of the autumn lights: Dance of the owl butterflies. The otherwise tame and quiet butterflies transform into gifted experts in flight. When searching for a partner the butterflies, which can reach up to 18 cm in width, fly through the greenhouse, and fly around you. If you’d like to know more about the butterfly house and the butterflies, then a brief guided tour is just the ticket.<br/> As Mother Nature determines when darkness falls between 12 and 28 October, flight times cannot be stated with accuracy at this point. However, the butterfly house remains open until at least 7pm.<br/> Do not miss this unique experience!

Important information at a glance

Autumn lights in Maxipark Hamm
Ostwennemarstrasse 100
59071 Hamm

All information regarding the event can be found on the website for Herbstleuchten im Maxipark.