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Shopping in the Ruhr area

Nowhere else will you find as many shopping centres so close together as in the Ruhr Metropolis. In addition to the big centres, the many attractive shopping promenades in the inner cities also enthral shopaholics.

Just having a look, while I’m here … – don’t say we didn’t warn you. Because, what awaits you in the form of shopping paradises and consumer meccas in the Metropolis Ruhr is sure to release a shopping frenzy. Let’s get going then:

The FORUM Duisburg is located right in the Duisburg city centre on the popular shopping promenade Königstraße. You can hardly miss it, with its 35 metres high golden ladder and everything that one demands from a modern shopping centre. Also on the Duisburg shopping promenade is the sophisticated Königsgalerie. The golden crown at the entrance already signals that the customer is king in the 45 elegant specialist stores.

The epitome of extreme shopping is the CentrO Oberhausen. The biggest shopping and leisure centre in Europe offers more than 200 shops, a great selection of restaurants and a broad entertainment selection – the perfect consumer delight.

No more than 20 minutes away, the Limbecker Platz shopping centre offers well-known brands in a Mediterranean atmosphere. The “Gate to Essen City” enthrals visitors with its shopping experience, which extends smoothly into the lively shopping streets of Essen. On the other hand, when visiting Westenhellweg in Dortmund, the shopping promenade with the highest turnover in the Ruhr Area, you just have to make a detour to the Thier-Galerie. 150 shops on three levels await you.

Shopping-Centres in the Metropolis Ruhr

CentrO Oberhausen

The CentrO Oberhausen is Europe's largest shopping and leisure centre with over 220 shops.

CityPalais Duisburg

Concert halls, a shopping centre, fine dining, a casino, and tourist information: the CityPalais in Duisburg city centre is one of the best venues in the Ruhr Area for events and shopping.

Forum City Mühlheim

Shopping-fans will find pleasure in shopping in the Forum City Mülheim,  in the middle of the city centre of Mülheim an der Ruhr.

Limbecker Platz Essen

Limbecker Platz is the largest city centre shopping centre in Germany, and the gate to Essen city centre.

Rhein-Ruhr Zentrum

Over a sales area of around 100,000 square metres, over 200 shops, service providers, cafés, pubs and restaurants provide an extensive indoor shopping experience.

Thier-Galerie Dortmund

Dortmund has a new top address for shopping with the in September 2011 opened Thier-Galerie.
City shopping in the ruhr area

Shopping with style in Essen

If you want to go on an extensive shopping trip in the Ruhr Area, Essen city is the right place for you! There are more than 700 department stores, boutiques and retail shops that leave nothing to be desired.

A shopping tour in the city of Dortmund

Every type of shopper will get their money's worth in Dortmund's city centre - regardless whether he or she is looking for cheap quality products, shopping for luxury goods or hunting for a good bargain!

Shopping not dependent on the weather in Duisburg

The Duisburg city centre offers an attractive range of shopping opportunities and is developing more and more into a real shopping paradise.

City shopping in Bochum

Shopping in the Bochum city centre is fun - You will find over 500 shops in Bochum city centre with a total sales area of over 100,000 square metres.