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Transportation to the Ruhr area

Getting here by car or coach

One day during the Capital of Culture year, one of the major highways (Autobahn) will be closed for traffic and open for party and culture only. This shows the importance of highways in the day-to-day life in the Ruhr region.

Handy for visitors planning a weekend trip or short holiday, the Ruhr Metropolis is easily accessible from any direction via highways from all parts of Europe. And also within the region they ensure easy travelling between the different cities and areas of discovery.

Arrival by aeroplane

You can reach the Metropolis Ruhr the easiest if you fly in via Düsseldorf International Airport in the Southwest, Dortmund in the East, Münster in the North and Weeze in the Northwest. You can reach all cities in the Ruhr Area in a very short period of time from all airports, via the expansive motorways (Autobahn).
Arrival by train

Traffic axes that are important for domestic and European rail traffic intersect in the Ruhr Metropolis. With several thousand kilometres of rail, you will have no problem getting to the IC/EC/ICE train stations. Travelling by bus or rail is a good alternative to the car within the region itself. The RheinRuhr Verkehrsverbund has a tight network of more than 1000 bus and tram stops as well as railway stations.

Limited access to environmentally sensitive areas

How do I recognise an environmental zone?

Since 2008, there are designated environmentally sensitive areas in the Metropolis Ruhr. These are areas in which only those vehicles (cars, trucks and busses) that meet certain exhaust emission standards may enter. This is documented by an emissions sticker that is either red, yellow or green which is affixed to the windshield in a very visible spot.

Environmentally sensitive areas are marked with traffic signs bearing the text “Umweltzone” (environmental zone): on an additional sign (below the traffic sign), the coloured stickers show which vehicles may enter the environmentally sensitive area. Cars without a sticker may not enter. For more information on “Umweltzonen” (environmental zones) in the Ruhr Metropolis visit www.umweltzonen.nrw.de

How much does an environment sticker cost and where do I get it?

The sticker costs between approximately € 5.00 (hand-written) and approximately € 20.00 (computer generated), e.g. at the following sites:
_ “AU” exhaust gas examination sites of the car industry
_ TÜV and DEKRA testing sites
_ Vehicle registration offices

Please ensure that you get the sticker on time for your vehicle, since many of the official offices/stations that award the stickers are not open on Saturdays and Sundays at all, or are open on Saturdays only until noon.