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Schlosstheater Moers

The Moers Castle Theatre is one of 120 theatres in the Ruhr Area. With 150 seats, this is one of the smaller stages, but its performances contribute to the cultural programme of the Ruhr metropolis.

The founding of the Moers Schlosstheater (Palace Theatre) in 1975 was closely associated with its first artistic director, Holk Freytag. Together with his theatre group, his social criticism and experimental theatre caused a sensation in the 70s and 80s that extended far beyond the region.

Alongside plays, the Moers Schlosstheater also hosts other events such as readings.

Further information

Schlosstheater Moers

Filder Straße 144
47441 Moers
Tel.: +49 (0)2841 8834100
E-Mail: info(at)schlosstheater-moers.de