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The town of Hattingen is beautifully situated in the Ruhr valley and with its array of half-timbered houses is regarded as the historic centre of the Ruhr Area. Hattingen is also located directly on the Ruhr Valley Cycle Route and is consequently a good destination for a cycling holiday or a weekend break.

The Hattingen old town, with its beautiful half-timbered houses, offers an exciting contrast to the lively Metropolis Ruhr. It's worth taking a quiet stroll through the historic town and a seat in one of the wonderful cafés. Nowhere else in the Ruhr Area can you enjoy the mediaeval air as intensely as in Hattingen.

But the industrial heritage also plays an important role. The Henrichshütte, with the oldest blast furnace in the Ruhr Area, is the highlight of the Route of Industrial Heritage. In addition to a guided tour around the old factory premises and the view from the blast furnace it is also worth visiting the special exhibitions, which take place for short periods of time in the Henrichshütte.

Whoever takes a short holiday on the Ruhr, must travel by the RuhrtalBahn (Ruhr valley railway). The historic railway links exciting sights in the Ruhr valley between Hagen and Bochum-Dahlhausen and of course also stops at Hattingen.

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