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ZOOM Adventure World

ZOOM Adventure World in Gelsenkirchen is one of the most prominent zoos in the Ruhr area and is therefore also a key excursion destination in the region. Visitors can take a short trip around the world and discover flora and fauna from Africa, Alaska and Asia. Family outings and group tours especially enjoy visiting the popular animal world in Gelsenkirchen.

ZOOM Adventure World in Gelsenkirchen provides generous and near-natural habitats for animals. The enclosures of the past have given way to authentic landscapes. The natural home of the animal residents provides guidance, which has resulted in flowing rivers, seascapes and mountain waterfalls, extensive humid and grass savannas, jungle and rock faces. On more than 25 hectares visitors can now immerse themselves in the animal kingdom – without visible barriers and stalls.

Exciting encounters between man and animal are made possible through the special landscape architecture of ZOOM Adventure World. Visitors can thereby observe animal species from far-away continents at close quarters: amidst the underwater world of polar bears and sea lions, in the jungle room with the chimpanzees or in direct eye-to-eye contact with the lions.

An outing to ZOOM Adventure World

Visitors go on an expedition tour through the Africa Adventure World, the Alaska Adventure World and since March 2010 through the Asia Adventure World. The zoo in the Ruhr area makes it possible for three very different regions on the earth to lie only a few steps away from each other. In this way families discover the habitats, the animal inhabitants and the fascinating characteristics of faraway worlds – while in the middle of the Ruhr area.