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Kunstmuseum Gelsenkirchen

With its extensive kinetics section, Gelsenkirchen Art Museum (Kunstmuseum Gelsenkirchen) is unique in Germany. The observer must set aside conventional conceptions of rigid art forms when undertaking a foray through the exhibition rooms.

The museum’s collection of paintings presents works from the end of the 19th century right up to very recent developments. Under the motto of “Picture Exchange”, the museum is presenting works by Liebermann, Kollwitz, Pechstein, Rodin, Richter, Piene, and many others. The museum also regularly displays temporary exhibitions.

Further informations

Kunstmuseum Gelsenkirchen
Horster Straße 5-7
45897 Gelsenkirchen
Tel.: (0209) 1694361
E-Mail: kunstmuseum(at)gelsenkirchen.de

Opening times
Tue - Sun: 11:00 - 18:00
closed on Monday