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Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord

The top tourist highlights in the Ruhr Area include the Duisburg-Nord landscape park. As a decommissioned iron smelting works, the landscape park is now one of the most important industrial monuments, as well as being an excursion destination, a venue for events, climbing and diving. The park is around 200 hectares in size, and is located in northern Duisburg, offering the finest in industrial heritage.

The highlight of the park is blast furnace 5, which visitors can walk on, and from which they ca enjoy an amazing view over Duisburg and the western Ruhr Area. This spot is thronged with everyone from couples in love to amateur photographers, particularly at sunset. The landscape park is open 24 hours a day.

Light art and industrial heritage

On weekend nights, the Duisburg-Nord landscape park becomes a truly special experience. This is when the chimneys and steel structures are lit up with uniquely atmospheric illumination. The light installation by the famous light artist Jonathan Park immerses the former blast furnace plant in a colourful sea of light. The best way to discover the grounds is on a guided torchlit tour.

Sport in the Duisburg-Nord landscape park

Easily one of the most unusual climbing parks in Germany, and the lowest Alpine Club meeting house can be found in the middle of the Duisburg-Nord landscape park. Part of the ore bunker facility has been transformed into an Alpine challenge with climbing routes of different difficulty levels.

A real fixed rope route also leads through this bunker facility. Anyone who wants to go even higher can book a tour of the high ropes course between blast furnaces 1 and 2. Visitors should bring athletic ability, climbing agility and a lot of guts if they are going to take the zip-line through the airy heights, or balance on a cable 55 metres in the air, from one blast furnace to the other.

Scuba enthusiasts can submerge in the water-filled diving gasometer in the Duisburg-Nord landscape park, diving between an artificial reef, a wrecked aeroplane and a ship's bell.

Culture in the Duisburg-Nord landscape park

There are also cultural events held in the unique setting of the Duisburg-Nord landscape park. Whether it is the Ruhrtriennale, opera, book readings or open-air cinema, events in the Duisburg-Nord landscape park turn into great experiences that make a real impression.

Further information

Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord

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