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City shopping in Dortmund

City shopping in Dortmund

Every type of shopper will get their money's worth in Dortmund's city centre - regardless whether he or she is looking for cheap quality products, shopping for luxury goods or hunting for a good bargain! Plan your shopping trip to this Ruhr Area city - here you can shop and wander as you please!

The Westenhellweg is one of the most popular and visited shopping promenades in the Ruhr Area - almost 9,000 people go on a shopping trip every hour. Together with Ostenhellweg, this shopping street courses through Dortmund's city centre like a pulsating vein. The mixture of chain, department and specialist stores contribute to the allure of this promenade. Spanning almost two kilometres, culinary highlights can also be guaranteed – a large number of restaurants and cafés invite you to indulge. When the weather is good you can take a break in the cosy street cafés, pubs and bistros.

In close proximity to the Dortmund concert hall lies the "Brückstraßenviertel" quarter - a hub especially for young people. The "Rue de Pommes Frites", which is what the Dortmund citizens have called the Brückstraße for a long time, has turned into a modern, young shopping promenade. Here under 25s can find nearly anything - from a flashy hairstyle via crazy clothes to trendy accessories. If you need to gather some breath after all the shopping, browsing and buying, you can find a cosy space in one of the roughly 130 cafés, restaurants and pubs.

Boulevard Kampstraße
For a long time the Kampstraße had a shadowy existence as parallel street to the Westenhellweg and Ostenhellweg - but it has now become a grand boulevard. Additionally, the specialist stores on offer here guarantee an attractive shopping experience.

Further shopping experiences are offered by the Hansa-Karree, the Kleppingstraße and the Thier-Galerie shopping centre, which opened in 2011, which makes what the shopping city Dortmund has to offer even more attractive.

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